Welcome to Lovat & Green

LOVAT & GREEN was set up in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) in early 2010.

It all started when Isabel Calonge approached Carlos Castillo to suggest creating a new brand and a new business to design, produce and market foulards throughout the world.

At the time, there was an important gap in the market, with no harmonious colour combinations or designs with a strong identity. Isabel had long been impressed by Carlos’s work; for over 20 years, he had been designing special foulards with a unique sense of personality for his own brand, MAN 1924. His creations had been highly successful and although MAN 1924 was —as its name suggests—a menswear brand, his foulards had also attracted female wearers.

And so, in 2010, Isabel Calonge, Carlos Castillo and Olga Castillo decided to set up LOVAT&GREEN, offering the world a range of foulards with their own unique identity, personality and quality.

The brand continue to innovate, and each new collection is a thrilling experience. They try to put something of themselves —experiences, lives and personalities— into every foulard. The result is a mixture of fabric and colours that will captivate women and men across the planet.