The impossible to pronounce CHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI (Rus. Черевички от Bички ) stands for “a shoe by Victoria” in the old Slavic language, but said in a playful childish manner.

The Cherevichkiotvichki story begins in Lithuania where Victoria grew up surrounded by the remains of Soviet culture and the uprising of Baltic heritage. Born in the family of factory workers she grew up to be fascinated by the extinct utilitarian lifestyle and nurtured memories of her childhood past transforming them into a series of everyday objects – shoes.

The self-taught shoemaker performs copious amounts of research empathising traditional craftsman-ship between her London studio and the atelier in Italy.This works hand in hand with Victoria’s own inventive techniques. Focal one being material research and leather dying – her storytelling always evolves through the medium of colours and textures working with opulence of natural palette of shades of maroon, bronze, Klein-like blues, and always whites.