Manuelle Giubal

Manuelle Guibal's clothes have been a favourite of Scarlet Jones for years, and it's easy to understand why as soon as you touch and try on her pieces. Manuelle designs clothes to be reflection of ourselves with the idea that they should be simple and calm, enveloping and protecting the body, while also allowing freedom of movement and have longevity. She has a strong focus on natural fibres and is especially known for her AMAZING linen. The pieces are either piece dyed or garment dyed and distressed or broken in to create incredible texture and hand-feel. 

Manuelle Guibal started the label in Paris in 1991 and has always had a strong focus of working with the hands. The random defects in her fabrics give each garment a unique richness. She appreciates the irregularities of horn and mother-of-pearl, the humbleness of brown twine or the shine of sequins and is not a fan of the stilted crispness of new clothes, which is why she imbues each garment and collection with the patina of time...full of emotion, softness and history.

The silhouettes have a pared-down simplicity but often hide tiny surprises or poetic details: there may be slits, folded, twisted, turned up and other special details that intrigue and delight the wearer. 

We have just released the new Manuelle Guibal winter collection and cannot get enough of the muted but rich hues, texture/luster of unique fabric blends and easy shapes. We think you'll love these pieces as much as we do. You can view the collection here