Tamaki Niime

tamaki niime - Wool-Cotton - Big shawl - Strawberry 15.


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A double-woven wool shawl that is loosely and slowly woven to create a soft and airy feel. Originally, it is the comfort of tamaki niime, which was derived by using the loom for mass production for themselves. In beautiful hues of reds, purples and yellows with undertones of khaki and a deep brown adding to the richness.


Made in Japan

70% Wool, 30% Cotton

Dry clean only


Measuring 110cm x 190cm



Please take care of this item as it is very delicate, avoid surfaces or jewellery that may catch

Note: Approx. measurements are taken flat and in CM, (may vary slightly)

For more information please contact us at info@scarletjones.com.au

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