Lana Bambini

Lana Bambini - Camelia Socks


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With a unique combination of natural materials, you have socks that are not only completely natural but also durable. You could wear them every day at home as well as on a hike or just walking with your dog. The cotton and hemp are cleverly interwoven on the inside and the wool is on the outside of the foot, so they are more durable and softer to the skin.


They contain no synthetic content and the wool is not treated with chemicals making them healthy for your skin as well. Because they are made from completely breathable fibres they don't hold odour or cause you to sweat like synthetics do.


Sizing is in EU


Made in Italy

55% untreated camel wool, 30% untreated sheep wool, 12% unbleached and undyed cotton, 3% hemp

Hand wash



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