Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard - CBOUTON medium crocheted necklace

Colour: NRGC

The CBOUTON Medium Crocheted Necklace is an easy, everyday necklace featuring fun balls of Linen with Crochet details in Sophie's stunning colourways. A delicate piece, it is perfect for adding something special to your outfit and great layered with other pieces.


This object is unique. It is the result of an encounter: that of the intuitive and meticulous creation of Sophie Digard and an artisanal know-how of exceptional precision. Since 1999, Sophie Digard has been designing models of fashion accessories and of textile pieces, each copy of which is then made entirely by hand in natural materials after a long preparation process. The work on the color is essential. Inspired in her design by the infinite variations of the elements of nature, Sophie Digard offers creations that defy time constraints. We hope this story will continue with you.


Made in Madagascar

100% Linen

Half length roughly 42cm 



Note: Approx. measurements are taken flat and in CM, (may vary slightly)

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