Mad et Len

Mad et Len - BLACK BLOC MINI -5x5- - candles

$40 $75

Delightfull scented candles in a handmade black vessel. Detachable lid. 

Sang Bleu as notes of roses and cassis. 

Cypres De Max as notes of notes of honey and resin. 

Ambre Nobile as notes of earthambermuskhoney. 

Black Uddu as notes of resinsleather, violet, muskwoody notes, ambervetiver. 

Figue Noir as notes of fig and sandalwood. 

Graphite as notes of Monochrome graphite, chalk palette, cropped wood. 

Spirituelle as notes of Moroccan mint tea and cypress. 

Made in France 

100% Vegetable paraffin wax 

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