Sofie D’Hoore, a modern and delicate line

A few months ago, Scarlet Jones received a box from Belgium. Inside: Sofie D’Hoore’s latest collection. Big Crush. This is an introduction to a successful designer and her beautiful brand.  

Sofie D’Hoore is a Belgian designer who took a big step into fashion, despite her original training as a dentist. She spent six months studying textile engineering in Ghent, after which she moved to Milan. In Italy, she worked with several brands, like Dries Van Noten, John Galliano, and Helmut Lang. She then returned to Brussels and she slowly started to build her label in 1992. Nowadays, Sofie D’Hoor is recognized as a talented designer who has earned a good reputation in the fashion world. She is known for her love for pure lines and her modernist approach.

Although her label is available at well-known department stores, Sofie D’Hoore doesn’t do catwalks or advertising, which makes her brand less visible. Minimalistic, clean, and pure. Those would be the words used to describe her designs. Sofie D’Hoore’s designs are quite discreet. However, once on the body they are transformed thanks to her use of innovative cuts and quality materials. Fabric is the starting point for every collection. The designer wants to find the right material for the right feeling on the body. She wants us to feel how soft is the cotton, or the crisp of a fabric. It is also very important to her to work with natural materials, that can be worn for a long time. A good weight, a great cut, the right fabric in the right color, those are Sofie D’Hoore ingredients to create good design clothes. “I like to think of my work as a constant search for refinement in terms of cut, color, and execution. The integrity of the fabrics is paramount.” the designer insisted in an interview given to Vogue.

This season at Scarlet Jones, Sofie D’Hoore brings a collection with refined and elegant designs in a unique color palette of neutrals. They are garments mixing light and dark, playing with tone-on-tone, with clean lines and strong silhouettes. She focuses on structure and fluidity with her signatures crisp poplin cotton quality as well as silks. Our curated collection is mostly crafted from cool cotton, the perfect fabric for trans-seasonal dressing in the Australian climate. Everything is lightweight and easy to wear. They are clothes that can simply be slipped on. Sofie’s goal is to make clothes in which you can move freely, structured clothes that are still comfortable and practical. She often describes her own collections as uncomplicated, sophisticated styles that level today’s busy life. She creates clothing with an everyday sensibility. As a result, her designs have a timeless appeal with a nod towards modernism. Typically opposing elements, however, D’Hoore makes it work by balancing the clean, sculptural aesthetic with elegant gathers, twists, and folds. The firm twills lend volume and definition to her structural tailoring, while the superfine poplins skim the body and create movement.

Sofie D’Hoore appears to be delivering exactly what today’s women want: comfort, simplicity, and modernity. Sofie D’Hoore's collection features practical, uncomplicated designs that have been refined and perfected over time. You will find at Scarlet Jones lovely shirts, dresses, and jackets from the brand, that would make you feel good as well as look good. 

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