New Arrival: Mina Perhonen SS18

The stories behind Mina Perhonen's textiles for 2018 from the Man himself:
This year only a limited quantity of his collection is online - so if you can it is worth getting to Albert Park to see (and touch) his beautiful range.
A print pattern depicting a field covered with violet flowers on one side. Sunlight will spills from the clearing between the petals fluttering in the wind.
- Instore only at Albert Park
An embroidered textile drawn from a dandelion. It was designed after Akira  Minagowa taveled to Finland's Fiscaras and saw a fluffy dandelion group. The stand color gradually rises from the décolletage line, the round slit put in the hem brings a soft rhythm to the simple A Line dress.
- Instore at Albert Park and Online

"Bird Boat"
Based on birds drifting quietly on the surface of the water, painted in pile jacquard in fresh linens. I arranged the bird shape like a small boat anchored in the harbor where morning fog can be found like a lattice patter. I was trying to pursue expressions between abstraction and concrete.
- Instore only at Albert Park
"Garden patchwork"
Textiles with various kinds of gathered flowers, roots and seeds that have been carefuly and gently placed. Little holes in the border allow light to shine through. 
-Instore only at Albert Park
More about Mina Perhonen:
Japanese label Minä Perhonen was founded over 20 years ago by the designer Akira Minagawa to produce clothing and textiles which do not lose their allure through lapse of time. The design process begins with sketches, which are made into story-telling textiles. With each collection they work with talented textile craftsmen in Japan and abroad develop exquisite designs using new materials and techniques.