MAD et LEN pot pourri d'apothicaire on SALE

MAD et LEN is an artisan perfume house which immersed in the French apothecary tradition. Based in the foothills of the French Alps, its contemporary pot-pourri is the most stylish way to scent your home. 

The MAD et LEN lava rocks pot-pourri are now 30% off at our Scarlet Jones  stores. 

MAD et LEN Lava rocks pot-pourri are from the Sahara Desert and are infused with the earthy elements of rich soil, bark and minerals laced with the warmth of aged wood. The Lava Rock pot-pourri are handmade in small batches and housed in a blackened iron vessel forged by local blacksmiths. They come with an essential oil dropper bottle to refresh and keep the scent flowing.

Specialised in intoxicating aromas handmade with an artisan's touch, MAD et LEN is a search for lost time and its reappropriation in the recollection of original organic distilled essential oil from flowers, wood or aromate.

Paying homage to Proust's Madeleine, the inspired scent conjures dreams about things past and distant lands, reimagining intimate and familiar elements. 

Each product is beautifully unique.