Daniela Gregis at Scarlet Jones

Scarlet Jones is one of few stores in Australia to stock the elusive yet ever inspiring label Daniela Gregis label which hails from and is made in Italy.

Started by its name sake, Daniela Gregis was born in 1959 in Bergamo, Italy. She was a doctor’s daughter, who later trained as a herbalist. She started working in Fashion when she launched her first label Ok’am in 1987. She collaborated with Naj Oleari on various Projects, and since the 1990s has been working on textile research. She currently lives and works in the Bergamo region of Northern Italy.

She, too is a maker. In interviews, she has said that she had an aunt who crocheted, and taught her. She recalls that her first shawl was out of orange synthetic yarn. Her use of knits and crochet in her collections underline the connection with the artisanal, slow means of production.

At the end of her catwalk presentations, all her workers and tailors come out and take a bow with her. She honours and celebrates not just craftsmanship, and the handcrafts (she includes embroidery, handwoven baskets, knitting and crochet in her work), but also of materials (wool, linen, silks). At the same time, she doesn’t shun modern Technology, so she will show hand painted- beside laser printed silks.

The most recent collection is now available in store. If you would like to view the latest collection please call our expert staff on 03 9696 6622 to arrange an appointment or request a look book of all our available styles.