Bushfire fundraising for The Rescue Collective

Update: Together we have raised $4675 for the Rescue Collective: Thankyou so much! The competition is now closed, and the lucky winner has been contacted. 
Although the competition has finished, you can still donate to this great cause Here.
Our hearts go to Australia. Millions of acres of land are being torched and entire homes have been destroyed. Firefighters are battling the bushfires and half a billion animals have died. Unfortunately it is not over yet.  
The Rescue Collective works with local wildlife rescue groups around Australia to provide essential food, water, medical supplies to carers. If you'd like to know more about what the organisation do, follow the below links:
Together, collectively, we CAN make a difference and get through such a significant crisis. 
They have reached their goal of raising $81k and now they are powering on to $150 000!